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Should you spend $29.95 on an online Chicken Coop Plans Guide?

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I’ve written a lot about chicken coop plans over the years, and many people have asked me about whether buying the online ebook from the increasingly popular ebook chicken coop website, might be worth the rather moderate investment of $29.95?

There’s lots of free information on chicken coop plans already out there, however I see many sites lack to underline important parts in the building process as well as providing plans and instructions that have enough detail.

I bought the guide from the chicken coop website last year and find it impressive in many ways. I will list both positive and negative sidse about the guide here:


- The $29.95 guide is actually entertaining to read and the instructions simple to follow.

- The plans are very easy to understand, also with downloadable formats you can print.

- The guide offers many chicken coop plans shortcuts more experienced chicken coop developers use, and might easily save you several hundred dollars alone.

- The guide offers MANY bonuses that might be very helpful for builders with specific needs.

- There is a 60 day risk-free trial, meaning you can actually just try the guide first and simply ask for a refund and get your money back if it proved not to work for you.


- I wish their guide could come with option to receive the ebook in printed format, but I guess most use computers today and will select only 1-2 plans they will print and use anyway.

- Personally I would like Bill Keene (the author) to share more of his personal stories as this could make the reading part even more intriguing.

- I would prefer if they could add an online guide giving specific recommendations on where to buy the cheapest tools and materials, but since this guide sells worldwide I guess it might be a little hard to do.


I am overall very happy with the online ebook and in conclusion I have to say that it is by far the most impressive chicken coop designs guide I have come across on the Internet. I can therefore highly recommend their services for anyone looking for an affordable helping tool available when building their own chicken coop.

Portable Chicken Coop Plans

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Portable chicken coop plans is also called chicken tractor. It’s a chicken coop plans that does not have a floor which makes it easier to move. Aside from chickens, it can also house other poultry animals. This kind of diy chicken coop plans has an A-frame which can be easily dragged by one person.

With the use of portable chicken coop plans, the chickens can eat on grass, worms and bugs though all of these will be gone if they stayed in one area for so long. This will essentially save the owner from buying feeds all the time. Another advantage of portable chicken coop plans is that there is no need to clean the coop floors since it has no floors. Chicken dungs are useful as natural fertilizer so it makes the soil healthier. Portable chicken coop plans are referred to as chicken tractor since the chickens perform the same functions as a farm tractor such as digging, wedding and fertilizing the soil in preparation for planting new crops, plants or trees.

There are different ways on how to build portable chicken coop plans and they can be seen online. Some are made up of several 2×2 wood posts or metal and chicken wire and that’s it! With this kind of setup, chickens can freely exercise and breathe fresh air as compared to closed chicken coop plans. Most of the time closed chicken coop plans are not healthy for chickens since if one animal is sick then it can spread easily to other chickens and will cause money loss for the owner.

Whether you have a spacious backyard or not, portable chicken coop plans are the perfect coop for you. Costs less, low-maintenance and provides lots of advantages for the chickens and you. The most important advantage is that it protects the chickens from predators.



Chicken Coop Plans Made Easy

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There are a lot of things to consider when you plan to build chicken coop. Yes there are chicken coop plans available online but this is not enough unless you are a carpenter. Before you go ahead and start sawing and hammering, you need to be sure what kind of chicken coop you need. You must know the materials to be used so you can budget your money wisely.

There are a lot of diy chicken coop plans from online resources that are free but if you are just planning to build a simple chicken coop then here are the basic steps to create one. Simple chicken coop plans require the following materials: wooden/metal posts (at least 4), chicken wire, metal wires, hammer, nails, tin roof (optional)

  1. Gather four metal or wooden posts, make sure that it sturdy that it won’t break easily. Hammer the posts into the ground forming a rectangular shape. Make sure that the posts are pounded deep into the ground to secure it properly.
  2. Now, get the chicken wire, wrap it around the four posts. Secure each corner or side of the chicken wire with wires.
  3. Once you have secured the chicken wire into the posts, it’s time to put a roof. Create a slope using 2 x 4′s once you have created the base for the roof, nail the tin roof or you can opt not to place a roof, your choice.

So, this chicken coop plans are perfect for those who need to build it quickly or to use it just for a short time. This will save you a lot as you only need simple materials for the coop. If you are planning to build a complicated one then hiring a carpenter will be a easier. Easy chicken coop plans are not really easy if it’s your first time to hold a hammer.


Creating your Own Mobile Chicken Coop Plans

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Do you have chickens running around at home and your front yard is a huge comfort room? If your answer is yes, then maybe its time to build chicken coop. Chicken coop plans will help you get your chickens in one place and “organized”, if that’s even possible. If this is your first time to build chicken coop, fret not because there are a lot of easy chicken coop plans online.

This chicken coop plans can either be free or will require you to pay for a certain amount. Some of the plans that you can get only includes a layout and a list of materials you need and some will provide pre-fabricated materials that will be delivered to you. If you are not sure what to chose, you can consult a carpenter near your area about your chicken coop plans. You can just hire a carpenter and let him do all the hard work.

If you have a spacious backyard then maybe you might want to consider mobile chicken coop plans. This kind of chicken coop can be moved/transferred anywhere you want. So in case you need to renovate or add stuff/s in your backyard then you can easily move the chicken coop.

Mobile chicken coop plans mainly used for transportation or for easy travel. You can even transport your chickens easily from one place to another without having to remove them from the chicken coop. Just make sure not to put all your chickens in one small coop or else you’ll be facing a huge problem.

Mobile chicken coop plans can take you 1 week or more to build depending on the size and materials you are going to use. But when it comes to materials, most of which can be easily purchased from a hardware store or farm supply shop.


Chicken Coop Plans Advantages

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Building chicken coop plans is just like building a house, you will need materials, space to build chicken coop and chicken coop plans. Do not just build a chicken coop without any plans or designs because most likely you will just end up tearing it down and starting all over again. Chicken coop plans will be your guide in completing the structure with less mistakes. So how do you create one?

There are a lot of resources online that provides free chicken coop plans and designs that you can download or copy. Another way is to ask help from a professional carpenter who will give you a lot of ideas on how you can start your very own chicken coop designs. The planning stage is a crucial part in building any kind of infrastructure, may it be small or big. The materials must also be carefully considered and written down in detail to save time and money.

You must also consider the type of chicken coop you are going to build. Will it be permanent or portable? Will it be open or closed? How many chickens are you planning to put in the coop? How much is your budget and where are you planning to place the coop? These are just few of the questions you need to answer when you are creating your diy chicken coop plans.

Create easy chicken coop plans especially when you are working on it alone to save time and money. If this is the first time you are going to use chicken coop plans then be sure to start with the basics. There are a lot of easy chicken coop plans online that you can use as guides. Creating your own chicken coop designs will come naturally maybe after you have built one or two.

Chicken Coop Plans for your Backyard

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Do you have chickens at home that keeps running around and pooping all over? This can really be a big mess and hassle for you , I know because I’ve been there, done that. I don’t know about you but unlike dogs, chickens are hard to “train”. You can also keep them in your backyard to just run around but they are not protected from preys. Dogs can bite or even eat your chickens sometimes just for fun or for a meal. So how do you keep your surroundings poop-free and how to keep your chickens safe? I suggest you start drawing up chicken coop plans.

Like any other living creature, chickens also need a place they can “call home” thus the creation of chicken coop plans. A chicken coop is where chickens are kept, obviously! LOL! Anyways, building one is just like building your own home because you also need chicken coop designs. These designs or plans must include the following:

  • budget for your chicken coop plans
  • materials to be used
  • number of chickens to be placed in the coop
  • weather condition
  • ventilation – very important!
  • location of the chicken coop
  • chicken coop designs layout

If you are looking for a ready-made chicken coop plans there are plenty of resources online that can provide you such and also online videos that shows simple DIY chicken coop plans. But if you are not really sure of what you are doing then just ask help from your local carpenter that you can hire. These will make things easier for you and for your chickens.

There are also a lot of easy chicken coop plans that you can download for free and some requires payment. Start with an easy one large chicken coop plans will be a challenge especially if it’s your first time to build a coop.


Learning About Chicken Coop Plans

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Chicken coop is place where chickens are kept and where they can lay eggs. It can be made out of metal or wood which does not only serve as a laying ground but also protection from predators. Chicken coop plans must be well thought off because chickens or most animals are sensitive to the weather. There are said to be two kinds of chicken coop designs, one is called the “fresh air school” where the coop is only surrounded by wire mesh so it is well-ventilated. The other chicken coop plans is controlled-environment where they are placed in like a little house with divisions where each chicken is placed.

A backyard coop is growing in numbers in rural areas. The structure of this chicken coop designs only make use of chicken wires where the chickens can run around. These kind of chicken coop designs are easier to move around since it has no floors and obviously costs less. So, if you have a space in your backyard, you might want to consider backyard chicken coop plans.

There is no standard measurement or location for chicken coop designs, this really depends on the space allotted and the number of chickens you have. Chicken coop plans must include proper ventilation because chickens are prone to illnesses and when not checked regularly it can cause a wide spread infection in the coop and you don’t want that. Also, create a small area where mother hens can lay its eggs for protection and incubation. Another thing to consider when creating chicken coop designs is the weather. If you plan on building movable chicken coop plans or “fresh air school” coop, how would you protect your chickens during the winter? If these things are not carefully taken into consideration then you are looking at a big loss.



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